GI M1950 Padded Weapons Drop Case

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M1950 Canvas Parachutist Weapons Drop Case 

These 1980s era padded weapons drop bags were used by U.S. paratroopers and now available to the civillian market. Perfect for protecting gear like, guns and ammo while in the field or to and from the range will fit, M1 Garand,M14,M1A, AR15, M16,1919 etc. The cases have been used in action and show some signs of use and modification, but are still usable with added working zippers, hardware and snaps.

  • Heavy-Duty, padded Case
  • Olive Drab
  • Padded, insulated interior
  • Can hold long guns up to 47"
  • Zippered flap, Replaces The Old Snap Style Closures
  • Multiple straps and attachment points
  • Parachute ring
  • Main area: 31" x 11" x 16" (barrel sleeve)
  • 89.4-liter (5,456-cu. in.) capacity
  • Weighs 6 lbs.
  • US made
  • USGI Issue
  • Condition: Good Used (May have small holes, repairs made and zippers added).
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