About Charleys Surplus

Charleys Surplus

Since its founding more than 40 years ago, Charley’s has made contracts with US-Government manufacturers and Hollywood directors. We’ve earned a reputation as a foremost authority in military, outdoor, and preparedness supplies, and with our new website we’re bringing our knowledge and ever-expanding inventory of military surplus and tactical gear to the public.

Genuine-Issue Army-Navy Surplus, Tactical, and Specialty Products  

Our main specialty is Genuine-Issue apparel from all branches of the US Military, including the Army, Navy, Marines, and US Air Force. We also stock weapons accessories, emergency supplies, and unique ephemera such as GI field manuals. Our full line of commercial reproductions has been used in historical reenactments, and our collection of rare World War II collectibles has earned a spot on the shelves of history and military buffs across the globe.

Our Customers

Our customers include enlisted soldiers, law enforcement agents, survival preparedness experts, and recreational adventurers. Our huge inventory of military and survival products means that whether you’re an advanced specialist or a part-time recreationalist, we’ll be able to outfit you with just the right gear to suit your lifestyle and environment.

Our Website

With our new website, we’ve condensed 40 years of experience and three warehouses of genuine Army-Navy surplus into an easy-to-navigate destination for your military and outdoor needs. Take advantage of our knowledgeable staff for recommendations on how to be prepared for any climate or conditions you may encounter.