Used Dutch Heavyweight Pants and Suspender Set

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Used Dutch Heavyweight Pants & Suspender Set

Dutch Heavy Weight Pants (Used) & (New) USGI Suspenders

These 1950's / 60's era Dutch pants make great heavy duty outdoor work pants! Pants come with a set of new USGI suspenders and can be worn with or without the suspenders. Features include a button down waist that that makes the waist 2 sizes smaller. Button up legs allows you to roll up the length while wearing boots or walking through snow or water. Other features include a heavyweight cotton material, button fly and 4 button closure pockets.

Note: These pants are great for cold weather and can be used as overpants or can be worn with long underwear, so remember when ordering sizes that these pants run a bit longer and they can only be adjusted to a smaller waist by the side adjustable buttons on the waist.

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