Collectable WWI M1928 Haversack With Pouch Dated

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Collectable WWI M1928 Haversack With Pouch Dated

Collectible WWI M1928 Haversack with Pouch | GI | Authentic & Dated

Authentic WWI memorabilia. The M1928 haversacks haven’t been made since the 1950s, but we found a limited supply in our warehouse that’s we’re offering with the original meat-can pouch. The pouch is removable, and the bag includes grommets and tabs for attaching tools and weapons. These haversacks have seen action in WWI and make a great addition to any collection. Own a genuine piece of American history!

  • Genuine-Issue World War One memorabilia

  • Made in the USA

  • Haversack contains main compartment and detachable meat-can pouch

  • Contains dated markings from the time-period it was used

  • Limited supply

Basement down boot and shovel cover isle next to the Swiss hats
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