Snow Camo Mittens Overwhite M-1950

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Snow Camo Mittens Overwhite M-1950
Mittens, Overwhite M-1950. These snow camouflage mittens were worn over cold weather mittens to provide camouflage in snow conditions in the Korean conflict. Great for Hunters or mitten protection. The mittens have fitted cuffs with elastic in the hems. The finger section has an opening in the seam forward of the thumb section enabling the fore finger to be freed for delicate tasks or as a trigger finger. Metal buckles adjust for a snug fit. Each mitten is stamped in black inside the cuff, 'MITTENS, OVER WHITE, M-1950', 'ALBATROS-FRANZ MAYER CORP.', '27 MAR. 1953-TAP-966 0I1027-C-53', 'SPEC. NO. MIL-M-2418A', 'STOCK NO. 73-M-3252', 'PATTERN DATE-7 FEB. 1951',' A.S.T.A.P.A., N.Y.'
One size fits all. 

Condition: New/Unissued

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