Polypropylene Rope

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Polypropylene Rope
Quality 100% Polypropylene Rope. Available in 7 sizes. Made in the USA. All sizes come in a variety of colors which are at our discretion. None of the sizes are intended as a life line.

  • 3/16" X 100' 300lb. Test, 30lb. Working Load.
  • 3/8" X 50' 1200lb. Test, 120lb. Working Load.
  • 1/4" X 100' 600lb.Test, 60lb. Working Load.
  • 1/2" X 50' 2000lb. Test, 200lb. Working Load.
  • 1/2" X 100' 2200lb. Test, 220lb. Working Load.
  • 3/8" X 100' 1200lb. Test, 120lb. Working Load.
  • 5/8" X 100' 3000lb. Test, 300lb. Working Load.
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