P-38 Can Opener

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P-38 Can Opener
The P-38 is known as a John Wane by the United States Marine Corps, either because of its toughness and dependability,or because of an unsubstantiated story that the actor had been shown in an as-yet-unidentified training film opening a can of K-Rations. The can opener is pocket-sized, approximately 1.5 inches (38 mm) long, and consists of a short metal blade that serves as a handle, with a small, hinged metal tooth that folds out to pierce the can lid. A notch just under the hinge point keeps the opener hooked around the rim of the can as the device is "walked" around to cut the lid out. A larger version called theP-51 is somewhat easier to operate. (SEE ITEM P-51) The handle portion can also double as a flat-blade screwdriver.
The P-38 is approximately 38 mm (1.5 in) long Buy 4 for $3.00 or buy 20 for $14.95 Made in USA
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