G.I. Modular Sleeping System

G.I. Modular Sleeping System
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  • Available in either a 2 piece or 4 piece combination. The 2 piece consists of the waterproof bivy cover and a sleeping bag designed for extreme cold weather. Made from a 93 contract the single bag is equal in weight and warmth to the black and green bags that come with the 4 piece system. Compression bag not included with the 2 piece system. Genuine U.S. 4 piece Sleeping Bag System. Gore-tex® waterproof cover. Outer green patrol bag is designed to be used in temperatures down to 30°. Inner black bag is designed to be used in temperatures from 30° to -10°F. 
    Join both bags together by placing black bag inside green and closing all snaps together along each side of zipper. Together, they can be used for temperatures from -10° to -50°F. For added protection from rain, wind, and wet snow, the bivy cover may be attached to the outside of the outermost sleeping bag or can be used alone for warm climates. G.I. compression sack included.